Microsoft and cloud computing

Simply stated, cloud computing refers to the provision of computing-related services such as servers, databases, storage as well as networking, analytics, software and intelligence over the internet (“the cloud”) to enable rapid innovation, flexibility in resources as well as the ability to scale economies. It is possible to pay for the cloud services you use which … Read more

Who was the inventor of “Cloud Computing”?

We set out to study the roots of cloud computing because it seems that every American technology firm sells it.Antonio Regalado One of the most-loved buzzwords in the field of technology are cloud computing. It is mentioned more than 48 million times over the Internet. It’s a frequent query that is frequently discussed and who was … Read more

What is a cloud computing system?

Let’s say you’re an executive at a major firm. Your job is making sure that every employee has the equipment and software they require to complete their duties. It’s not enough just to buy computers for all employees. You must also purchase hardware and software to supply the equipment that your employees require. You’ll need acquire additional software to … Read more